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Miro Worships Amber's Feet & Ass--Pt 2

Miro Worships Amber's Feet & Ass--Pt 2

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Miro is seated before his counselor, and she non verbally commands him to begin worshipping her boots, then her feet. He removes her boot, one at a time, and begins sniffing, and worshipping her feet. Miro knows that not everyone can smell and worship the feet of a muscular Amazon Goddess, so he knows his place. Amber rewards him with a stroke of his cock with her foot. Amber is easily bored with the foot action and forcefully puts him in a CHOKEHOLD, and you can see he is surprised and his eyes bulge from lack of oxygen, but he gets a headrush, not knowing what to expect next. Amber places him in a front FIGURE-FOUR hold, and jabs his cock with her toes. She stands up and FORCES him to kiss her big round ass, as she TAUNTS HIS HARD COCK. AMAZONS, FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, FIGURE-FOUR CHOKEHOLD, FEMDOM


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