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Amber OH Kettlebell Lifts Misty--Pt 3

Amber OH Kettlebell Lifts Misty--Pt 3

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Misty, the bartender, is in complete awe of Amber. You can easily see this in her eyes and hear it in her giggle. This cannot be faked! Amber loves showing ordinary petite girls just how powerful she is, and often, much stronger than their husbands and boyfriends. In a nutshell, she completely ruins men and women, because after being with Amber, there is no equal. Amber goes in for her signature move, and puts Misty in the One-Arm OVERHEAD HUMAN KETTLEBELL LIFT. Misty is so turned on by this, and quite naturally, Amber knows exactly what to do next. She takes Misty over her big strong, powerful broad shoulders into the bedroom. She then writhes on top of her, and begins fingering her tight, wet, sweet muff. FLEXING, MUSCLE WORSHIP! ** THERE IS NO AMAZON ON THE PLANET LIKE AMBER DELUCA! **


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