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Amber's ASS CRUSHES Joe--Pt 2

Amber's ASS CRUSHES Joe--Pt 2

Video Length: 00:05:37

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Amber continues the beatdown and domination by smothering Joe with her mammoth 45DDD TITS in his face--he can't breathe! Amber finally lets Joe get a breath of fresh air, and speak. She taunts and teases him with her enormous, sexy body. Joe admits to jacking off to all of Amber's videos, and he is obsessed with her, and he can't stop. What he likes most is how she is the STRONGEST AMAZON IN THE UNIVERSE, and how easily she lifts MEN OVERHEAD. Amber giggles and then begins crushing Joe's cock and balls with her massive hands and knees him. She COMMANDS him to WORSHIP her BIG ROUND SEXY ASS in his face. The mere thought of worshiping her ass gives him a RAGING BONER. Amber decides to throw in a REVERSE HEADSCISSORS, squeezing the air out of his lungs. She taunts him and tells him how easy it would be to snap his neck. She strokes his hard COCK in his shorts--he is so close to just blowing his load in the chair, but Amber has only begun! She FACESITS him for good measure, and tells him how much she is going to OWN HIM, USE HIM for whatever she desires.


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