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Amber SCISSORS Boyslave Pt-4

Amber SCISSORS Boyslave Pt-4

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Amber pulls her closet slut slave out to play with. She uses it as a good excuse to get warmed up for the gym. She breast smothers him with her 45DDD massive tits, and makes him sniff her sweaty armpits. How humiliating is that? She does this to mark him as hers, so he will remember her scent, and to OWN him. He will always associate humiliation, domination with Amber's scent. AND BEING OWNED BY THE STRONGEST, SEXIEST AMAZON ON THE PLANET. Amber continues BODY SCISSORING her boyslave, showing no mercy, using him every way she desires. He knows he cannot protest as he is there to serve her, and do as she wishes. Amber TICKLES him with her long fingernails, then grabs his crotch, FORCING HIM TO WORSHIP HER MUSCLES, and GRINDING THAT HUGE ASS in his face again and again. She GRINDS HER CROTCH in his face, getting off on humiliating using and grinding!


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