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Amber BUFF Step-Sister & Skip--Pt 1

Amber BUFF Step-Sister & Skip--Pt 1

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Amber is sitting at home waiting for her step brother, Skip, to return home from college. He walks in, and is floored at how big his step sister has grown. She is absolutely HUGE! It appears Amber has been hitting the gym hard core, and has far surpassed Skip's development. (Well, she was always stronger when they were growing up). Skip states he still works out, but Amber just laughs at him, and said "Cardio does not count". Amber begins posing, flexing and intimidating Skip. She poses her massive thick wide back, and 17" biceps, then her powerful thighs, glutes and 19" bulging calves. Skip asks to touch her a little bit as she is posing, and she allows him. They then compare leg muscles and size comparisons. Skip is so puny and weak compared to his big sis! So, he is feeling up to a challenge, like the good old days, and asks her to ARMWRESTLE. Amber laughs and agrees, they start off right handed, when Skip tries to cheat and says "go" too early, but she easily SLAMS HIS ARM to the floor. She then goes lefty with him and beats him easier than the right arm. Finally, to level the playing field, she allows him to use both arms against her one and she still BEATS him handily. She then FORCES him to WORSHIP her POWERFUL MUSCLES. Amber makes Skip get into the push up position, and he barely reps out 3 reps. WHAT A WIMP! Amber tells Skip to get on top of her back and she will do push ups like A REAL WOMAN. She cranks out several reps with Skip on her back. Skip complains that he was drinking too much last night, and that is why he is weak today. Amber is fed up with her little brother and has many more GAMES to play with him where she will TAUNT, TEASE, AND CONTROL Skippy. MUSCLE DOMINATION, MUSCLE WORSHIP, POWERFUL WOMAN, SIZE COMPARISONS, HUMILIATION, AMAZON


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