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Amber CRADLE CARRIES Pornstar DANI--Pt 2

Amber CRADLE CARRIES Pornstar DANI--Pt 2

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Amber flexes her huge 17" biceps for sexy redhead pornstart, Dani Jensen. They compare muscles, biceps, thighs and calves. The stark contrast between an Amazon and a petite girl next door is striking. Amber looks like a huge, powerful, thoroughbred race horse up against a little pony. The engage in some playful dialogue, about how big and strong Amber is, and better yet, Amber LIFTS DANI into her lap, and stands up with her into a CRADLE CARRY. Dani is so petite in Amber's lap and big strong arms. She then puts Dani on her massive strong back and piggybacks her, giving her a pony ride of a lifetime. AMAZONS, LIFT AND CARRY, SIZE COMPARISONS


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