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Amber OH Lifts pornstar, Dani--Pt 3

Amber OH Lifts pornstar, Dani--Pt 3

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Amber piggybacks the sexy redhead pornstar, Dani Jenson. It is obvious Dani is smitten by Amber's strength and raw sex appeal. Amber gives Dani a sexy ride on her large back and horse rump, lifting her massive 19" calves as she easily raises and lowers Dani as if she were a tiny jockey! Amber then allows Dani to worship her huge calves and she caresses them with her tiny hands. Amber then takes Dani for a shoulder sit/ride on her massive back and shoulders, her crotch just at the base of Amber's powerful neck. Amber then places Dani down, and spanks, tickles and tongues her creamy white ass. Amber then asks Dani if she wants to experience how strong she really is, and she giggles and says, "yes!". Amber then takes her and LIFTS HER OVERHEAD, all the whlle Dani is in shock, awe, and turned on at the same time. It is clear Amber can do anything she wants to Dani, and Dani has no choice in the matter, but she readily volunteers! AMAZONS, LIFT AND CARRY, CALVES, POWERFUL WOMAN, MUSCULAR WOMAN, SHOULDER RIDE, TICKLING


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