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Amber ONE-ARM OH Lifts pornstar Dani--Pt 4

Amber ONE-ARM OH Lifts pornstar Dani--Pt 4

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Amber flexes her massive 48 inch wide chest, back, 17" arms, and massive shoulders--she is the ultimate Amazon--bronzed, buff, and stronger than a superhero. Porn starlet Dani Jenson is so hot an bothered, she shrieks like a school girl and giggles as she worships Amber's voluptuous body. Dani says she has never been picked up EVER in her entire life like this--man or woman. Amber pumps and poses for Dani, getting extremely turned on by showing her how powerful she is. She likes surprising Dani and showing her feats of strength. Amber unleashes her 48DDD massive tits and Dani begins sucking her perky erect nipples. Amber takes Dani's top off to reveal perky pink nipples which she lashes with her long, powerful tongue. Amber then prepares Dani for the ULTIMATE LIFT. She bends over, and ONE MOTIONS DANI WITH ONE QUICK SWEEP WITH ONE ARM, AND HOLDS HER OVERHEAD IN SUSPENSION, all the while, turning, flexing and posing. She then lowers Dani to the lounge chair and she was so thrilled by getting lifted. She then worships Amber's now 18" right arm, which suspended all 105 pounds of Dani's sexy body with one arm. She then CARRY'S Dani away in a PIGGY BACK RIDE ON HER MASSIVE BACK. LIFT AND CARRY, AMAZONS, POWERFUL WOMAN, MUSCULAR WOMAN


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