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Are you Man Enough Recruit? Pt 4

Are you Man Enough Recruit? Pt 4

Video Length: 00:07:16

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Amber tests the recruit to the limits with some powerful head crushing with her thighs and calves, from the rear and the front. She then forces him to LICK AND SUCK HER BIG CLIT. She asks him, “Are you man enough to make me cum? Then suck my big dick!” She grips his head and forces him down to worship her beautiful, juicy clit. After she explodes, she tells him she has found something he is finally good at. Amber tells him she is still testing him and forces out another orgasm gripping his head with her powerful hands. She then makes him strip down and gives him an encouraging DEEP FRENCH KISS and bites and teases his nipples. She grabs his cock and begins teasing it with her powerful bicep, making it even harder, as she begins STROKING his BIG BLACK COCK getting it harder with a GRIPPING HANDJOB. AMAZONS, FEMDOM, MUSCULAR WOMEN, FORCED PUSSY EATING, BIG CLITS, POWERFUL WOMAN, HANDJOB, BIG BLACK COCK


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