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Princess Amber TOPS a Buffalo Soldier--FULL FEATURE

Princess Amber TOPS a Buffalo Soldier--FULL FEATURE

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Amber is an Indian Princess and warrior chieftain of her tribe. She was out scouting on her mystical Appaloosa, "Star", who has his own special qualities. Between Star and Amber, they can smell an enemy from miles away. Today, they sense a stranger on their lands. Amber discovers a lone, lost, weary buffalo soldier. He looks weary and tired from riding in the desert, lost from his regiment. No one passes through Amber"s lands and canyons without her approval. Star and Amber chase the soldier and trap him in a canyon--he has nowhere to go. He jumps off his horse and falls to his knees in an act of surrender before Princess Amber. He has no idea what she will do to him--the Indians in this region were known to torture, maim and end outsiders" lives. And, sometimes they took them as slaves. Amber jumps off her horse and begins to size up the buffalo soldier. She lifts him up with one arm and begins manhandling him, and posing her big, muscular tanned body, showing him how strong she is. She ball busts him to subdue him, and takes him OVER HER SHOULDER with ONE ARM, and CARRIES him away to her private chamber in the canyon. Amber TRAMPLES him, crushing his chest with one boot, just so he knows she is in control and he cannot escape. Amber immediately pins him down, thrusting her 240 pound body on top of his scrawny, dehydrated body. He is so weak, and Amber is so strong. Amber FACE MOUNTS him and FACE SITS him to the front so she can ride his face. She reverse FACE SITS him and forces him to WORSHIP her BIG, bountiful, tanned ASS. She throws him into a REVERSE HEADSCISSORS, thrusting her powerful ass and glutes around his face and neck, then mounts him to the front, BREAST SMOTHERING him. She grabs his hard cock through his uniform and squeezes his balls, and mounts him again in a SCHOOL GIRL pin, thrusting her hips and pussy into his hard cock, taking pleasure grinding on him. This soldier is really getting used! Amber begins nipple teasing and torture as she squeezes and pinches his nipples. This gets the soldier"s cock even harder. Amber really wants to take his breathe away, so she puts him in between her big, powerful thighs and throws on BODY SCISSORS! He really can"t breathe, and is getting a HEAD RUSH and ERECTION at the same time. She unzips his pants zipper and finds his erect manhood and begins stroking and sucking it. She knows she can do whatever she wants with her captive soldier. She mounts him and begins FUCKING him and pounding his cock. He lies there, knowing he must please the Princess, otherwise, she may take his life. She could easily take him alone in the canyon, but for now, she is enjoying using his body for her pleasure. Amber moans in ecstasy as she has cums on top of his cock. Amber milks the cum from the soldier with her powerful hands, and he explodes hard, in complete surrender. Princess Amber completely DOMINATES this lost soldier, and uses him for her pleasure. She will most likely keep him as one of her private slaves back at her camp. He will have to cook, bead, and keep her camp organized and obey her every order. He will also have to participate in group sex as a sex slave, particularly when Amber brings back some of her raven haired lovers from neighboring tribes.


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