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Amber Steel Wrestles KID Pt 2

Amber Steel Wrestles KID Pt 2

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Amber Steel (5 10, and 220 pounds, 177.8 cm, 99.7 kg) is one of the strongest, dominant erotic, sensual Amazons to ever walk the planet. Men fear her when she struts into the gym, as she easily overhead presses 225lbs/102kg, bench presses 315lbs/142kg, and lifts an Atlas stone of 300 lbs/136kg. Steel has also been known to beat men to a pulp on the wrestling mats bruising egos and other body parts. After overhead lifting him by the pool and toying with him, she decides to dominate him on the mats, and brutally punish him with her massive thighs and powerful ass. He has no choice, really, but to submit to her. Kid gets manhandled by Steel's massive body in many ways, including face sitting, breast smothering, body scissors and chokeholds. It's scary to think that at any moment, she could really choke him out.


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