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This version combines Part 1 & 2 of Amber & Bill in: Amber Shoulder Sit BJ LIFT & CARRIES Bill--Pt 1 Amber Steel is the biggest, strongest, most sensual Amazon on the planet, and she proves it to her accountant, Bill. She flexes and poses her 17" biceps in front of him and then lifts him with ease to the front of her, lifting him just underneath his ass and placing his cock in between her mammoth 48DDD tits. What an Amazon! She then mounts him on the couch, taunting and teasing his helpless little scrawny body, making his cock grow stiffer by the moment. She then teases his cock with her sexy tongue and deep throats his cock to show him who is in control. She then strokes his cock with her large, powerful, but soft an sensual hand, leading him to the wall to give him a surprise of a lifetime. She then places him on her shoulders and sucks his long hard cock while he is in the air! She then dismounts him and gives him a long deep slobjob, but does not allow him to blow his nut. AMBER STEEL IS IN SUPREME CONTROL--AGAIN! The raw eroticism of her strength combined with her extreme sensuality is unmatched. Amber OH LIFT & CARRIES BILL--PT 2 Amber hoists Bill, her CPA, in a front lift in between her GINORMOUS 45DDD TITS. His cock is immediately hard. She forces him to worship her muscles and she teases and grinds his cock on the couch. Amber loves it when she controls a guy not only by his mind, but by his cock...she decides to blow his mind in more ways than one, so she teases his cock with her big strong, sexy hands, and then sucks his cock deep and hard. All of this lifting, carrying and dominating is something he had only dreamt about in comic books and other fantasy literature growing up. He never thought, that in a million years, that in his lifetime, he would ever even see a woman like this, much less experience it! Amber takes him and effortlessly lifts him OVERHEAD and does a complete 360 degree turn, showing him just how easy it is to be in CONTROL. She puts him on the couch for my couch play, teasing, and grinding. She flexes her huge, pumped up biceps, which are easily 18" now, since she just OH pressed him! He is blown away! Amber taunts him and makes him CUM ON DEMAND, AND HE BLOWS HIS NUT all over her hands. She flexes and poses for him just for the memory.


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