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Amber Steel checks into a 5-star property on the Strip in Fabulous Las Vegas for the Ms. Olympia Expo. She suns herself topless in a white thong, topless at the European pool. Of course, at 220 strapping pounds of massive tits, ass, muscle and beauty, all eyes are on her and she gets free drinks all afternoon and frolics in a cabana with one of her blonde muscular girlfriends, Lisa Cross. Bronzed from the sun, her long dark brown hair grazing the top of her big round hard glutes caught the eye of one of the cabana attendants. Amber knows all too well, when in public, many men have never laid eyes on anything like her, and they are more than curious, but just have no clue on how to approach the buxom muscle babe. Well, the cabana boy just kept bringing her free drinks for the entire afternoon. Amber even allowed him to peak into her cabana and watch her pleasure Lisa. He walked away with a huge boner, dying to touch Amber, and to taste her would only be heaven, but he knew that would be an impossible dream. As the sun went down on the Vegas strip, Amber invited poolboy to her room. He could not believe it. Was he dreaming? Amber loves to pounce on her boys and rough them up as foreplay. Amber GRABS POOLBOY'S COCK and begins giving him a fast and furious HANDJOB with those massive strong, sexy hands. He sucks her MAMMOTH TITS, and you can see in his eyes, he is completely mesmerized by this Goddess that is totally using him for her pleasure. He begins playing with her pussy and rubbing her clit and getting her turned on. She mounts him and grinds on his hard cock, which has been at full attention for the past 15 minutes (aside from the entire day, so this guy has serious blue balls!) Amber allows him to get a little taste of that sweet pussy, and SHE FORCES HER PUSSY IN HIS FACE for her satisfaction. She grinds on his face and CUMS HARD. Amber stands over him, knowing that she now OWNS THE POOLBOY AND HE IS HER BOYTOY for as long as she desires.


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