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Wonder Amber GORILLA PRESSES White Shadow--Pt 3

Wonder Amber GORILLA PRESSES White Shadow--Pt 3

Video Length: 00:04:20

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Amber shows no mercy with the White Shadow, as she leaps on top of him and begins BREASTSMOTHERING with her 45DDD mammoth tits in his face...rendering him helpless and unable to breathe! She then toys with him and submits him with his own two arms crossed in front of his face, and unable to get out. She finally lets him up and tells him she has something special for him. She puts him on the chair and then easily GORILLA PRESSES him, grabbing him by the neck and the crotch. She then AIRPLANE SPINS him several times, laughing and taunting him. She then trips him and drops him to the floor, choking him out with her powerful ankle lock hold. She could finish him off here....but she saves him!


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