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Amber BEATS Vinny--Pt 1

Amber BEATS Vinny--Pt 1

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Amber meets Vinny for a rematch. She met him last year, and he was such a typical male chauvinist pig. He mistakenly thought that all men are stronger than women, and Amber proved him wrong in so many ways. She beat him handily armwrestling him, and now, she is out to beat him again. But Vinny has been training hard and he even came prepared with his old wrestling singlet from college. He simply cannot allow his male ego to be crumpled again. Amber allows him to say go, but she beats him easily. She then goes lefty with him and crushed his arm--and his ego. Amber calls the shots and decides to play a game of mercy with him. She easily twists both hands backwards and then she drops him to the floor, pinning him. How will Vinny ever get out of this one?


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