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Amber GRINDS Misty's Muff--Pt 5

Amber GRINDS Misty's Muff--Pt 5

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Amber loves giving her playmates a fair chance at pinning her and dominating her. She lets Misty put all 115 pounds of her weight on top of her, pinning her down to the bed. Amber bench pressed her off her body with the greatest of ease. Misty then decides to get her ass into the action, and following Amber's lead, tries FACESITTING AMBER! What a dangerous positon for Misty to put herself in--this could very well be the point of no return and if Amber's tongue goes into action on Misty's ass or pussy, the game is OVER! Amber spanks the naughty bartender, who is getting too big for her britches...well, bikini bottom! She then takes control of Misty and begins grinding her knee into her wet muff...poor Misty! TONGUE TEASING & DENIAL


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