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Amber's ASS DESTROYS Joe--Pt 1

Amber's ASS DESTROYS Joe--Pt 1

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Joe is sitting in his hotel room, waiting for Amber to come to his room. He knew she was staying in this hotel for the Fetish Convention. He was eyeing her up all day at the convention, walking around in a skin tight latex dress and black latex platform boots. He saw her lifting people up over her head at the convention, where hundreds of people gathered around taking photos and marveling over her absolute power and sensuality. Joe has been masturbating to Amber's clips for the past several years, and aching to meet her in the flesh. Joe leaves his door slightly cracked so Amber can walk in. She calls him. He is sitting in his hotel room, with this huge boner. She walks into the room in her bathrobe. Joe is astounded at how big Amber is up close and in person. She is 6'2 and 220 pounds, towering over him. He is both scared and completely turned on. He has never seen a woman so intoxicatingly beautiful and powerful at the same time--a true freak of nature. She grabs Joe with her big, strong hands, and jeering him at how she is going to totally destroy him and own him. She then begins with a lethal ass crushing on his chest, and he can barely breathe. Talk about taking your breath away! Amber poses and teases Joe and his boner is rock hard in his shorts. She finishes him by grinding her large powerful glutes in his face and teasing his cock with her powerful hands, doing as she desires---as always! MUSCLE WORSHIP, POSING, FEMALE DOMINATION, POWERFUL AMAZON, ASS CRUSHING, ASS GRINDING, AMBER DELUCA IS THE GOODESS OF FETISH--THE ULTIMATE AMAZON


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