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Amber LIFTS AND BLOWS Littleman--Pt 4

Amber LIFTS AND BLOWS Littleman--Pt 4

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Amber continues teasing, posing and lapdancing for her Little Man neighbor...never has he ever experienced such a sensual, powerful woman in his life! Amber flexes and poses her rock hard ass and big round glutes for him and he eagerly worships her massive thighs, hands probing all over. THIS REALLY IS AN AMAZONIC WOMAN! You can see how massive she is up against this ordinary man, she is a REAL GIANTESS! Everything in the room looks so small, like a dollhouse, even her boytoy neighbor. Amber places her LITTLE MAN on her lap and strokes his hard cock, and then places it in between her GINORMOUS 48DDD BOOBS, and gives him a riveting boobjob. Amber easily hoists him in a FRONT LIFT, gliding his cock between her MAMMOTH tits. She then mounts him, her big hard round GLUTES bouncing up and down on his shaft, making him grow even BIGGER AND HARDER. She places him onto the couch and mounts him to the front, grinding his rock hard cock between ENORMOUS RIGID CLIT, bouncing her BODACIOUS BOOTY, grinding his cock from the front and back, REVERSE COWGIRL STYLE! Amber likes to control the littleman by sucking his cock and teasing him with her LONG, POWERFUL, FAST TONGUE ON THE TIP OF HIS COCK AND SWALLOWING HIM WHOLE, DEEPTHROATING AND CLENCHING HER THROAT to THE BRINK OF CUMMING. But, of course, she does NOT ALLOW HIM TO CUM...yet. Amber gets so HOT AND HORNY that she FORCES Littleman to the floor and traps his head between her THICK POWERFUL THIGHS, SUCKING the GODDESS'S NECTAR. MUSCLE WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, LAPDANCE, COCK TEASE, BREAST SMOTHER, GIANTESS, AMAZON , PUSSYEATING, LIFT AND CARRY, HANDJOB, BLOWJOB


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