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Amber FUCKS AND FORCES Slaveslut to CUM--Pt 3

Amber FUCKS AND FORCES Slaveslut to CUM--Pt 3

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Amber calls her slave slut over to her place and tells him to wait on his hands and knees for her. He is already hard, on his hands and knees as he awaits his Mistress. Amber enters the room, all 6'2 and 231 pounds of her strapping Amazonic body, pouncing upon her 185 pound skinny scarecrow slaveslut with a huge cock. She violently harnesses a chain to his collar and crosses one massive arm around his neck, choking him with both the chain and her 17" strong arm. She could easily knock him out with one arm. She mounts him like a horse and makes him take all of her weight on his back. She throws him to his back so she can mount his face and use him for her pleasure. She then decides to wrap her pythonic pillars of passionate persuasion around his head in a reverse headscissors squeezing just enough to get pleasure, taking his breath away. She eases up just a bit to SUCK HIS ROCK HARD COCK and he gets a bit anxious, so she SLAPS slaveslut's thigh to the floor, grabbing his balls and then stroking his cock, ADMINISTERING JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF PAIN AND PLEASURE and showing EXTREME DOMINANCE. Amber takes his cock and ever so strategically places it between her massive 48DDD TITS and squeezes her thighs around his neck simultaneously. She then forces him to his knees while she spreads her legs wide and FORCES HIS FACE onto her PUSSY making him lick her big juicy clit and delicious pussy to ORGASM and she MOANS and CUMS hard on her slave slut's face. (Pt 1) Pt 2--Amber keeps slaveslut on the floor, beneath her, where he belongs, STRANGLES him with one arm, grabbing his bulging cock, stroking it and pinching his nipples hard, (which he does not like but Goddess does not care what a man likes) puts her powerful HAND OVER MOUTH, telling him she likes him QUIET and his mouth shut so she cannot hear his pathetic sissybitch groaning and moaning. Amber aggressively mounts the slaveslut on the couch, choking him and KNEEING BALLS, stating, "I AM GOING TO USE YOU!" stripping her g-string off, MOUNTING AND RAPING SLAVESLUT with her wicked STRONG AMAZON BODY, taking pleasure for her own, choking with her powerful arm POUNDING his scarecrow body and using his member. Slaveslut gets resistant and tries to fight back and he begins choking his Mistress....but of course, she will have none of that. Pt 3 -- Amber mounts her slaveslut on top using his long hard shaft, flexing her 17" huge biceps, GRINDING ON TOP, showing EXTREME DOMINANCE, she then sucks his cock, keeping him super hard and turned on, she GRABS his throat and the slaveslut says he wants to skull fuck his Mistress. How bold his is! Amber then slaps his arms away from her head, and says, 'I am sucking you because you are my on call slaveslut bitch whore! You fucking slut, give me your meat and I want all of your CUM NOW! Slaveslut finally BLOWS HIS LOAD ALL over. Amber has he way, once again, saying, "I love using you!" as she walks away. CHOKING, COCKSUCKING, BLOWJOBS, EXTREME FEMDOM, FUCKING, DOMINATION, MUSCLE WORSHIP


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