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Amber turns Mr. Johnson into SLAVESLUT--Pt 1

Amber turns Mr. Johnson into SLAVESLUT--Pt 1

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A massive, muscular goddess is posing behind the door--all you can see is a silhouette of her bulging 17" bicep. All of a sudden, she appears, only to find Bob Johnson on his hands and knees, ready to serve his Mistress. He is no longer a man, but a slaveslut. He must obey Goddess Amber and do everything she desires--or get punished. She tells slaveslut she is going to use him in so many ways, and uses his petite, feminine body for a foot rest. She then requires him to worship her black leather stilettos. Amber COMMANDS him to worship her massive 19" calves. Next, she bends over and FORCES slaveslut to worship and kiss her ass. She forcefully buries his head deep within her ass cheeks so he can get a good sniff. He resists, which angers the Goddess. She then takes him over her knee and begins spanking him, as his lily white ass reddens under her powerful strapping hands. AMAZONS, SPANKING, HUMILIATION, ASS WORSHIP, BOOT AND FOOT WORSHIP, CALF WORSHIP


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