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Amber FUCKS Dani--Pt 7

Amber FUCKS Dani--Pt 7

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Amber steps it up a notch and teases petite redhead pornstar Dani. She bends her over her lap and shows her a huge pistol shpaed double ended glass dildo that she is going to fuck her hard with and make her CUM. Dani is so horny, and takes her pink vibrator to her tiny pink clit as Amber rams her big double dildo, one dildo in her ass, and the other in her pussy. Dani explodes hard for Amber. Amber bends Dani over and makes her bounce her little booty as Amber spanks her, and then places her on her lap. Dani loves cumming for her big strong Amazon Mistress, and Amber is not done with her yet, as she has one more surprise waiting for her! AMAZONS, DILDO, REDHEAD, PORNSTAR, FUCKING, VIBRATOR


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