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Spiderbitch FORCES AMBER to CUM--Pt 3

Spiderbitch FORCES AMBER to CUM--Pt 3

Video Length: 00:05:24

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Spiderbitch takes the big black vibrator to Amber's swollen engorged clit that he pumped up and is FORCING AN ORGASM! Amber hates being out of control, but Spidey chokes her and tells her to shut up as she has one huge explosive orgasm, then another. Amber is used to being in control, on top, and in charge. After she cums, she comes to her senses, and has a renewed sense of strength and power. She leaps up, breaking out of the cheap ass binding Spiderbitch tied her up in, and LIFTS Spidey onto her shoulders easily in a fireman's carry. She tosses him onto the bed, where she pins him mercilessly, her pussy grinding into him hard. Her pussy is wet after getting fucked by the fucking machine, her clit is swollen after being pumped up, and the vibrator making her cum several times. Now, she is getting off on her power, once again, showing Spidey who the BOSS IS! Amber mounts Spidey in a schoolgirl pin, and REVERSE FACESITS him, grinding her pussy and ass in his face. She attacks him on the bed, and forcefully grinds her knee into his balls for SEVERE BALLBUSTING. This is the real Amber DeLuca, getting her sweet revenge! FORCED ORGASMS, AMAZONS, LIFT AND CARRY, BALLBUSTING, FEMDOM, FACESITTING, SCHOOLGIRL PIN


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