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Amber Steel Chokes Hoodman Pt 4

Amber Steel Chokes Hoodman Pt 4

Video Length: 00:05:29

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Amber Steel is back in full force as she commands the Hoodman to begin worshipping her strapping 5'10, 215 pound muscular body. Steel turns up the heat, and bends her boytoy slave over her massive thighs to spank him. Not a punishing type of spanking, but more of a playful spanking just to humiliate him. She then turns him over and chokes him ever so erotically with her massive 16” biceps, wrapping around his neck like a python constricting her prey. She toys with his man meat with her sexy feet, just teasing him. He is already hard from all of the muscle worship, ass sniffing and breast smothering, but she offers him no relief in site, and she forces his balls to ache and fill with cum, as she has not authorized him to release—yet. Steel throws him to the floor squeezing his ribs, breaking them is she wanted to like she has done so many men before. However, Steel is merciful today and prefers to tease the Hoodman.


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