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Amber SUBMITS Vinny--Pt 2

Amber SUBMITS Vinny--Pt 2

Video Length: 00:06:31

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Amber enjoys emasculating men that think they are better than women, particularly Vinny. He still thinks he is better than a woman. Amber sets out to prove him wrong--again. She mounts Vinny and takes off her bikini top to unleash her GINORMOUS 48DDD TITS--and buries his head in between them. She then puts him in a tight grapevine and schoolgirl pin and taunts him and teases him about how weak he is. She is not satisfied, and he is still too mouthy, so she puts him in a reverse head scissors, bodyscissors, and chokes him with his own arms crossed in front of his chest. Amber tries to get him to admit that he is inferior to a powerful woman, but it comes out wrong so she cranks it even harder! He is having a difficult time breathing now and his eyelids are turning purple. Amber finishes him off with some facesitting and flexing, totally DOMINATING AND SUMBITTING Vinny--again!


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