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Amber OH L/C BLOWJOB--Pt 4

Amber OH L/C BLOWJOB--Pt 4

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Amber forces Joe to continue worshipping her feet. Who would dare say no to Amber, at any rate? Amber then stands up and flexes for this littla man. His cock is so rock hard, and he is so turned on by every inch of Amber's 5'9 and 220 pound sexy, Amazon body. Huge tits, ass, muscles and PURE RAW ANIMAL SEX APPEAL. She flexes her huge 17" bicep for Joe...and he is so weak at the knee! She then takes his rock hard COCK INTO HER MOUTH, DEEPTHROATING HIM AND SUCKING HIM HARD. But, with Amber, this only the beginning. She is just getting him warmed up. With Amber, an erotic experience is like a roller coaster ride, leaving you with butterflies in your stomach, and getting scared at certain times, but also with a huge thrill--and a HUGE BONER! So, up next Amber asks Joe how much he has dreamt of being lifted OVERHEAD. He admits he has been fantasizing about this for a very long time. Amber hoists him onto her massive shoulders. She then OVERHEAD PRESSES Joe and he squeals in delight, HIS COCK STILL ROCK HARD. Joe proclaims AMBER IS THE STRONGEST GLAMAZON IN THE UNIVERSE! He can't believe what just happened. His dreams have come true.


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