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Amber is sitting in the hotel bar, minding her own business, when a young cardiologist approaches her. He offers her a drink, as he is completely mesmerized by her and wants to chat her up. She accepts, not one round, but several. He is smitten by her 17" biceps and ginormous 48DDD boobs, he can barely get a word out, but he manages. He wants to experience Amber's power privately. He is dying to feel how strong her arms are, and to see if he can beat her at arm wrestling--but not at his personal expense and being humiliated in front of his peers. He is the lead researcher/ speaker at this conference, and to lose to a sexy muscle goddess in public would destroy his confidence. But, he is willing to take the risk--so long as no one sees. After a couple more fancy margaritas, Amber decides it is time to humiliate the young doctor. She takes him to her penthouse, on the top floor, and leaves him in the living room. She gets changed out into a sexy black fishnet mini dress, her massive back exposed, and her full, round, hard glutes, legs and ass looking so powerful and divine in 6" stiletto leather booties. She approaches him, all 6'3 and 231 pounds of her strapping, womanly physique, so powerful and sexy, like a big LIONESS, ABOUT TO POUNCE ON HER PREY! Her calves are a bulging 19"! She is towering over the young doctor as she walks out and decides to begin the manhandling--forget the arm wrestling! She goes for standing rear naked chokes and breast smothering, and choking with her massive strong hands, pinning him up against the wall. His cock is instantly hard and bulging. He is helpless in her powerful arms, and CANNOT RESIST THIS FEMININE FORCE OF NATURE. Of course, this is just a warm up for Amber, as she is all too familiar with dominating men and taking what she wants from them. Amber loves SMOTHERING AND STRIPPING HIM of his shirt and shorts, humiliating him by being totally nude in front of this amazing GODDESS. Amber chokes him with two hands and begins to tickle and scratch his chest. The combination of this humiliation and the sensation of being TOTALLY DOMINATED by an POWERFUL AMAZON is an EXTREME TURN ON, which is evident in his hard cock. Amber strips him completely nude while she flexes and poses her ginormous body, pure MUSCLES & SEX all in his face. She LIFTS HIM BY THE BUTT AND UP TO HER WAIST AS IF HE WERE A SMALL BOY. She carries him around so effortlessly, then lifts him by the ARMPITS and holds him against the wall. She flexes her back arms both as a tool of domination but as a source of eroticism. The doctor is so turned on, he is at Amber's mercy and she can do as she pleases with him. She pins his arms overhead and begins toying with her knee in his balls--not to harm him, but just to show him she is in control and could harm him if he does not obey. She takes him on her shoulder for a piggy back ride for a while and makes him mount her large back and glutes like a horse, and she does calf raises to build her 19" calves even bigger. Amber loves it when boytoys await her and want to play, becuase she wears hem out like a cat does with a mouse, by tossing them around in air, lifting them, and then when she is done, she either eats them or keeps them for more sex games and chores to serve her, like getting her dinner. FEMALE DOMINATION, LIFT & CARRY, MUSCLE WORSHIP, SUBMISSION HOLD, FEMALE POWER, BODYBUILDING FETISH, AMAZONS,


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