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Amber TEASES, STRIPS & FINGERS Dani Pornstar--Pt 5

Amber TEASES, STRIPS & FINGERS Dani Pornstar--Pt 5

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Amber is such a huge, strong, sexy strapping Amazon, and Dani is in complete awe of her. Never has she ever seen such a dominant, powerful, sexy woman in her life. She has no idea what's next. Dani begins sensually dancing and playing with Amber, her petite body writhing in pleasure, her heartbeat quickens as Amber tickles her white creamy skin. Dani likes to shake her small, tight, firm booty for Amber, as Amber places her massive tits on top of her tiny ass, dwarfing her in so many ways. The contrast between Amber's dark tanned skin and huge muscular body with Dani's tiny lean, petite frame is mind blowing. Amber STRIPS Dani's bra and panties off. She teases her perky pink nipples with her fingers and tongue. Amber lifts Dani into her lap, and begins telling her what she is going to do with her. Dani giggles and blushes, and begins to get wet and turned on. Amber gently plays with Dani's tight pussy, and fingers her, getting her even more wet. Amber places her finger in Dani's mouth to taste her juices. TEASING, FINGERING, LAP DANCE, PORNSTAR, AMAZONS, MUSCULAR WOMAN, CRADLE LIFT AND CARRY, REDHEAD, POWERFUL WOMAN


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