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Amber FORCES Dani to CUM--Pt 6

Amber FORCES Dani to CUM--Pt 6

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The amazing Amazon, Amber DeLuca loves playing with pornstar Dani Jensen. She got her all warmed up by liftng and carrying her, getting her turned on and super horny. No man has ever done what Amber has done to her. She combines all of her power, strength, and sensuality with her feminine touch to win Dani over. Amber places Dani on her lap, sitting on the couch, as she teases her and tells her she is going to do all kinds of nasty things to her. Dani is incredibly turned on, and she can't resist. Amber tells her to sit on the couch and spread her legs. Amber approaches her from behind, and begins caressing her body, and stroking her pussy. She then takes out a large vibrator and puts it on Dani's clit. It does not take long for Dani to CUM hard. Amber then mounts her on the couch, her big, tanned strapping 231 pound body completely dominating petite redhad pornstar, Dani. Amber tells her she has yet another surprise for her, but not sure if she can handle it. AMAZONS, VIBRATOR, FORCED ORGASM, PETITE PORNSTAR REDHEAD, MUSCULAR WOMAN, POWERFUL WOMAN, BODYBUILDING, LAPSITTING


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