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Amber Catwoman prepares for Battle--Pt 1

Amber Catwoman prepares for Battle--Pt 1

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Amber is sleeping in her apartment. As she sleeps, two burglars walk into her home and break open her safe, stealing thousands of dollars and her Rolex watch. She is awakened by a noise. She senses with her cat nose something is not right. She realizes that she is not alone. She then awakes from her slumber, and begins to prepare for battle, transforming herself into the Ultimate Amazon Catwoman, putting on her stiletto leather booties, latex bra and shorts, gloves, and latex mask. Her true identity is concealed, as she knows she may have to take out whomever is in her apartment. Catwoman flexes her ginormous 17" biceps, 20" calves, and massive chest and back. Who ever is in her apartment is in for a big, big surprise. At 6'3 and 231 pounds, Catwoman is about to unleash HELL.


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