Athletic Background

Gannon University Scholarship Athlete 1985-1990

United States Air Force and Military World Championship Volleyball Team Member 1990-92 Pennsylvania State ArmWrestling Championship 1988-90 North American Armwrestling Champion 1990 World Champion Billy the Kid Tombstone carry Obstacle course Race 1990-94 NM State Open Class RockClimbing Champion 1992 American Gladiator Live Dinner Show, 1997 Gladiator name "Apache" as given by American Gladiator Creator Dan Carr NASA (Natural Amateur Strength Association) Bench Press Champion, 2000 Manage/Promote Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) fighters Heath Herring, Shonie Carter, Dan Bobish, Bobby Hoffman and King of the Cage (KOTC) fighters Maurice Jackson, Thricha Poovey

Russian Kettlebell

  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

  • Favorite Color: Olive drab

  • Place Of Birth: Cleveland, OH

  • Favorite Food: Bison

  • Current Occupation: Muscle Goddess Extraordinaire

  • Favorite Movie: Foreign flicks

  • Education background: B.A. Communications/English, M.S., Human Resources Management, Ed. D Educational Leadership (ABD)

  • Favorite type of music/bands: World music, techno/club, ambient

  • Measurements: 45 chest, 28 waist, 40 hip, 16" bicep, quads 22.5 lower, 24.5 upper with ham, 18" calf

  • Favorite Quote: "That which does not kill you makes you stronger"

  • Best Body part: My heart and mind, but I have been told my eyes captivate, and the rest is just a matter of opinion

  • Height: 5" 10"

  • Contest Weight: 195

  • Hobbies: Advising mixed martial arts fighters, promoting health and fitness in underserved populations

  • Average Off season Weight: 215

What sport to you compete in? Played volleyball at the intercollegiate, world and national military levels, arm wrestling, Muay Thai, sport climbing, wrestling, track and field (discus), American Gladiator

Why did you become interested in your sport? I grew up as a tomboy, and loved to play sports. I started weight training when I was 13 years old for volleyball and track

Are there any other physical activities you enjoy to stay fit? Take a wild guess? Something someone wouldn"t know about you: I was adopted when I was six months old. I am American Indian, from the Omaha and Shoshone Bannock tribes on my biological mother"s side. My biological father is Ojibway, and Sioux. I had very loving parents that supported me, and a I enjoyed a very nice childhood.

How long have you been training? Since I was 13 for sport. I began competing in Figure for NABBA in 2001. I won the Ms. Figure America show, and went on to compete in Europe at the Ms. Universe. After that show, I decided I wanted to be bigger and fuller, and try bodybuilding in the NPC. My first show was the Mid-USA, 2003. I won the heavyweight class in my first show.

What was your first show like? Very exciting, as I competed in, front of many of my closest friends. It was a great feeling to be on stage performing. Bodybuilding is definitely more art that sport.

What do you like and dislike about competing? I enjoy getting in super lean shape and seeing change in my body. I like the journey, the process, the path in getting to the stage. Nothing else really matters, so I don"t think there is really anything to dislike. I compete for myself, and judge only myself against myself. I think bodybuilding is more like a dog show or cat show, (or an art exhibition) where all of the competitors are beautiful yet, at the end of the day, the judges have to decide on the winner. Bodybuilding is not a sport; it is an art form in which people manipulate their appearance through diet, training, drugs, and even plastic surgery. Genetics are important in winning. However, you are what you are, despite doing everything "right" or according to commonly accepted practices in the art and science of bodybuilding. There is no sense in trying to defy your genetics, or force fit muscle on your frame. A fig tree is a fig tree, it bears figs, it will never bear mangos! Be proud of your own physicality, and just present your best body you possibly can at all times, not only on stage, but in everyday life.

What are your goals in the sport? Like I said, bodybuilding is not a sport. It is art in the purest form. Each physique artist chooses how to shape his body. Bodybuilding should be pursued as ?art for art?s sake??nothing more. The main goal I have in life is to try to live a long, healthy, happy life, and help others as much as I can. Really, nothing else matters in life. Long after the trophies and medals are tarnished, one must realize the goal in life is to lead a quality life, and make a contribution to the world.

Competition History and placings:

NABBA Ms Figure America, 2001, Ms Universe competitor, 2002, NPC Mid USA Heavyweight Champion, 2003, NPC Nationals, 2003, NPC Nationals 2005 (13th place), NPC Excalibur Heavyweight champion, 2005, NPC Masters, 2006.

Who is Amber Steel and what does she represent? Amber Steel is a multi faceted woman, passionate about life, diverse in persona, with a wide-eyed curiosity about the world. All of my life experiences have contributed to what Amber Steel represents today. Life is the ebb and flow of daily experiences, and is constantly changing. Nothing in life is static, particularly our own human experiences and the way in which we view the world. I hope that Amber Steel transcends my sensual human form--beyond the purely physical, and permit my audience to experience my world through their eyes. I offer a virtual fantasy that, delivers a dose of realism and eroticism that an observer can realize is reality. Each scene that I illustrate is an entirely different experience, mirroring my life. Often in life, things are not what they seem. The media contrives reality, providing the ultimate fantasy escapism from our dramatic and mundane lives. But do we really need to embellish our own experiences for others? One must realize that life is perfect as is. Life is the stage in which we are all performers, and is both notable and intriguing without faking anything. Illusion is a dream, and when one is awakened, one is also saddened, yet also excited in the realization that the dream is fantasy. Illusions color our dreams that culminate in both simple and elaborate fantasies. Is it real? Step into my private world, and become a part of my reality; make it your reality. Through these web pages, the viewer will take a journey into the depths of Amber Steel; realizing the many facets of my persona.

What type of animal(s) do you emulate? In daily life, I am much like a wild Mustang. I feel as if I am a fast horse sprinting on the plains, never wanting to be captured and tamed. I do not like to be restricted in any way, particularly emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. The soul of any living creature is boundless, and to grow must run free. The horse runs for miles on end, and knows no boundaries. We can learn a lot from observing animals. We must learn to respect and realize our own true nature and embrace it. The beauty is the wild nature of all animals, most importantly, human beings. I also think of myself as wild cat. The cat is sleek, and slender, yet very athletic and strong by nature. Cats are both playful and predatory. They have a natural desire to play, but also the instinct and honed skills to hunt and kill for survival. I think I emulate both the wild horse and the wild cat in different situations I encounter. I suppose I get along best with those that respect and understand the animalistic nature of all creatures, including humans. Animals and humans are most beautiful when they are free in their own world, and are not denied their true nature and habits. Once one realizes the true ?nature of the beast?, the rest just flows.

What is your biggest fear? Failing to grow and realize the good in life. I open my heart and mind to new things in life, and once that stops, one stops truly living.

What gives you the most pleasure? Waking up each day and embracing the day as a new start. I realize that my experiences and pleasure in life can bring hope and joy to others in the world. This is perhaps one of the most profound realizations of Amber Steel!

How do you choose to walk through life? I desire to walk through life in beauty. Each step that I take is the realization that I can make a difference in my own life, which, in turn, affects those that I touch. Long after my footsteps are washed away, I hope to have touched many in this world.